Topic: Changes and fixes, 2/4/02
So far, the site seems to be working OK (although the white text on a tannish/brownish background is a bit offputting.
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Just got this error when I tried to view poll results option.... Warning: file("./data/poll.dat") - No such file or directory in /usr/home/virtual/racetime/ on line 2 Select a poll to view results for: Warning: file("./data/sites.dat") - No such file or directory in /usr/home/virtual/racetime/ on line 6 ()
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Martin, Tim's colour schemes seem to be a little - ow should I put it - strange at times
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Few things have been fixed/changed in recent days. 1. To change your email address, an email will be sent similar to the activation email. This is to prevent invalid email addresses from being used or being entered. 2. Netscape users SHOULD now be able to log in without any problems. Please, Email me if this is still not the case. 3. Email subscriptions are now working and fixed. Summaries and links to the articles will work if they are checked/selected. 4. A Null email address being in the edit details field when you save details will no longer result in your email address being set to null. 5. Web/Real Life contacts are now properly saved when they did not previously exist. 6. Editing the glossary when you have post access to any site should now work without any problems. Now, things that are still to be done: - Polls - Category editing/adding/removing. - File uploads - Split settings into better groups - East of creating new sites, mailinglists and forums - Indexing of forums for far more speed - Utilities to use Helix from remote sites.
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