Topic: Genes Reunited comes through again!

Once again a contact on Genes reunited has revealed a descendancy line previously unknown to me.

The sister of Edward Joseph SMART (1863-1934) - my Great Grandfather's sister - Eliza (b abt 1873) was previously only known by name and approximate date of birth.

A contact from GR this week however, turns out to be descended from Eliza and her husband, Carl Axel Johann Otto ANGEL (1876-1940) and even expanding the SMART family further abroad than just Birmingham - this time to Liverpool.

In addition, the contact - Kevin BALMAR - was able to provide me a date of birth for Eliza (10 May 1873) and year of her death in Liverpool - 1940.

Showing that GR contacts are a two way street, Kevin was aware that Edward's wife, Jane BAYLISS, has possibly died in childbirth, he wasn't aware of the name of the child that caused her death (Frederick) or that Edward re-married 6 years later in 1890 to Harriet JONES with the consequent expansion of his family by Harriet's 4 existing children from her previous marriage and the two further children born to Edward and Harriet.

Other recent GR contacts have also expanded greatly my research in to the WATKINS side of my family with the interesting line that there may be a link, around the mid to late 1800's between the ROWE and WATKINS lines even before my parents met and married - I know this has happened (a number of times) in my wifes side of the family tree, but did not expect to find this possibly happening in a place as large as Birmingham.

The new web site - - is certainly moving forward with the addition of a forum for the retention and discussion of message such as this, the ability to place images of people, certificates and family related documents now even easier than ever.

Remember that if you do wish to use the web site, it does require registration to use the forum, download any genealogical data or see information on living people - this is, however, for YOUR protection to try and ensure information on those still living does not simply get out onto the Internet.  In addition, I have also disabled the numerous 'web crawlers' from data-gathering from the web site for the simple reason - once they get hold of this data it is released onto the internet and there is no getting it back!

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