Helix Acceptable use policy, Terms and conditions and Privacy policy

'The system' refers to the Helix Content Management System.
'Feed' refers to any RSS or RDF feed.
'Moderator' means any site administrator or moderator as assigned by the owners/managers of any individual site, or appointed by the systems' administrators.
'Container' refers to any site, forum, category, or other content item which may have sub-items conntributed to it.

Acceptable use

  1. This site is not to be used in any way for the distribution, sale or assistance in activities dealing with any illegal activities, including but not limited to defamation, theft, fraud, breach of copyright, distribution of any illicit material.
  2. Users are to behave in a civilised fasion with all posts they contribute to the system. This includes following all guidelines as set in this and any other site terms and condition documents.
  3. All users accept that they are liable for anything they post to the system. The owners will be in no way held responsible for content, views, opinions and comments expressed by users, and will reserve the right to intervene or not intervene as they see fit.

Terms and conditions

  1. Redistribution of items

    1. The reposting or copying of data from the system via any automated process is strictly prohibited and may result in those responsible being permanently prevented access to the system, including any ip addresses, usernames, email addresses or other details which may identify the user or any systems used by that user.
    2. The above includes the direct or automated redistribution of articles sent out via the system by email, any feeds, or directly harvesting data from any page generated by the system.
  2. Moderation and moderators

    1. Moderators are appointed by the owners and administrators of each site, including the system base administrators, who may perform certain actions on posts or other items contributed to the Content Management System.
    2. It is at the discretion of any moderator what items are deleted or modified and in what way.
    3. It is the responsibility of the moderator who takes action on anything to justify that action if or when required by the system owners/administrators or the owners/administrators of that container.
    4. Occasionally errors do occur in actions taken, and where you believe a error in judgement has been made, you should first contact the moderator originally responsible for that action. If an action cannot be resolved suitably or appropriately, contact the container administrator or, failing that, the site administrator.
    5. While occasionally errors may occur and moderators may be unwilling to be helpful in resolving situations, both users and those appointing other moderators should understand that a container administrator should be able to trust the judgement of anyone they appoint to any position of power. This means that in the case of administrators, do not appoint a person as a moderator who you do not believe can act appropriately or responsibly, unless you are also willing to act on or be held resposible for any extreme actions those people may take, as they are acting on your behalf.
      Similarly, users should understand that as a general rule container administrators will trust their moderators judgement, so in some cases it will be unlikely action will be any different when escalated to a higher level, HOWEVER this is entirely up to the management of each site as to how situtations are handled.
    6. Moderators of any site may have privileges completely stripped and be banned from the system if private details made accessible only to them of any user are provided to other uers without the express permission of the user who those details pertain to.
  3. RSS and RDF feeds

    1. RSS/RDF feeds may be used by all sites or people who wish to do so, provided that the data contained within a feed or the information provided by it is not used for profit in any way, without prior written permission from the owners or host of the content management system.
    2. Any website which wishes to syndicate information provided by Helix RSS/RDF feeds must provide acknowledgement of the source which the data has been provided by, usually a direct reference back to the system webpage.
    3. Sites syndicating data from an RSS/RDF feed must cache results of the RSS/RDF feed in the case where data should be required at intervals of less than 10 minutes. No site should request an RSS/RDF feed more than twice in any 10 minute period.
    4. A site whos primary source of information who is fetching/requesting data for a site specifically set up within the system may be exempt from these conditions at the discretion of the site owner.
  4. Accuracy of information

    1. The site owners and administrators make no gaurantee that the content of any article, forum item, or any other type of post contributed by any user of the system is accurate, true, or will not be not any way misleading.
    2. It is at the sole discretion that moderators may remove any post, thread or item that is deemed offensive, inappropriate, illegal, misleading or inaccurate.
    3. It is the responsibility of all users to ensure that correct details are provided. We reserve the right to remove or deny access to, either permenantly or temporary, access to anyone who provides fraudulent or misleading information under profiles.
    4. Users have the right to deny other users the ability to view this information, however doing so may exclude those users from certain activities including contributing to certain forums.
  5. Disclaimer

    1. The owners will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the actions of a user using the system for any purpose.
    2. The owners do not endorse or deem to be accurate any information posted by users or contained within articles retrieved from the system.
  6. Content inclusion

    1. All sites using content directly from the system are required to display a link back to the primary website, http://helix.racetime.com.au/.
    2. Links must be via either one of the provided images linking back to the Helix interface website, or appropriate text stating the use of the Helix Content Management System.
    3. These links must appear on every page where content is used.
    4. Links and image use must be to the satisfaction of the owners of the Helix CMS, and will be approved or rejected on a case-by-case basis.
    5. The owners reserve the right to refuse use of content from the CMS on any website or in application for any reason they decide.

Privacy Policy

  1. No information will ever be sold or released to third parties which is provided by users for use within Helix.
  2. Email addresses will remain hidden to all non-administrative users unless you allow those details to be made available under your user options.
  3. Where email addresses are displayed, most of the time we will make an effort to obfusicate them, to prevent the address harvesters functioning correctly.
  4. Private messages between yourself and other users are not visible to other administrators, nor will the contents of any be disclosed unless we are legally required to do so.
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